Essex Tow Truck

Towing Rosedale MDThe town of Essex, MD has long been searching for a quality towing service. That is where the team at Essex Tow Truck comes in, and we have absolutely loved working with the hard working men and women of this city. Our services are all about the community and is part of the reason that we have increased our coverage of the city. We are one of the only companies to offer both an ability to pay with all major credit cards and a 24/7 emergency service that ensures you are covered no matter the time of the year. Below, you will find some of our great services we are able to offer our customers:

Towing Services

Essex Tow Truck has focused on creating award-winning towing services, and we have absolutely loved working with the great people of Essex, MD. We are proud to offer light duty towing, medium duty towing and heavy duty towing both in and around Essex, MD. Plus, with our partnership with Rosedale Tow Truck, you will always have a truck near you!

Roadside Assistance

As one of the first companies to offer roadside assistance in Essex, MD, our team is always worth a look at. The team at Essex Tow Truck will arrive on scene, and get you back on your way without any extra cost to yourself. All of this, for one low monthly cost!Rosedale Roadside assistance

Tire Change Service

Essex Tow Truck has long been proud to work with clients when they have needed tire change services. This means that we will arrive on scene, and ensure you and your car are up and on the way in no time.

Jump Start Service

Are you looking to get a jump? Well instead of asking a random stranger, or hoping your family answers your call, you can simply call the team at Essex Tow Truck. We have been providing quality jump starts for years, and will get you up and on your way without a concern.

Gas Delivery Service

Running out of gas? This is never a good thing, but the first thing you need to do is call the team at Essex Tow Truck. We have been working long and hard to advertise this service, and the effects have been great. From a full tank, to enough to get to the service station, the choice is yours when you choose Essex Tow Truck.

Accident Recovery

Dealing with an accident is never good. However, when you call the team at Essex Tow Truck will secure the scene. This means you will be able to get back with your life and pick up your car at the shop, or the junkyard.

Lockout Service

Lockout services are one of our most popular calls, and the team at Essex Tow Truck have perfected this service. We will get you back in your car in mere minutes, and that is an Essex Tow Truck promise. Call our team today, and see why Essex Tow Truck is the top-ranked towing option in all of Essex, MD