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Towing Service Rosedale MarylandAs one of the leading towing companies in Towson, MD, the team at Towson Tow Truck is here for you and your vehicle. We have been providing some of the top towing services and roadside assistance services in the city. From working downtown to helping out in the suburbs, our fleet of tow trucks can be dispatched throughout the city. Here is a little more about our company, and the services that we are proud to offer the great people of Towson, MD every single day of the year.

Our Company

Towing Rosedale MDFounded in the 2000s the team at Towson Tow Truck has been serving the great community of Towson, MD with honor and dedication to the towing niche. As one of the top towing options in the city, we have worked hard to establish our name as the dependable and honest towing service for Towson. We are also one of the only towing companies that operate on a 24/7 year-round basis and can provide emergency towing services across the city and the surrounding area. Plus, with our flexible payment options, you can pay us with cash, or with any major credit card.

Our Fleet

Rosedale TowingWhen it comes to a tow truck fleet, you will be hard-pressed to find a better fleet in the Towson, MD area. Our fleet started with a couple of light duty tow trucks that were designed to handle your average consumer car. After a few years, we decided it was time to expand our operations and bought some larger vehicles. This expansion continued over the years, and today, we are one of the largest fleets in the area! We are proud to offer light duty towing with our light duty trucks, medium duty towing with our medium duty tow trucks and our heavy duty towing with our big rigs. From a Toyota Prius to an 18-wheeler the team at Towson Tow Truck has you covered from tailpipe to bumper.

Our Team

One of our sources of pride in our company is our team. We hand-pick our entire staff and are proud of the team that we have assembled. Our dispatchers are real professionals on and off the phone and can dispatch with the best of them. Plus, with their training in crises situations and customer service, we can chat with clients and calm them down, no matter the situation we are facing. Our drivers are some of the best in the state, and we are not just saying that. Our drivers have been hand-picked for their skills on the road, their ability to deliver recovery and towing services, and their solid customer relations. From dealing with an average tow job to something a little more severe like accident recovery, our team of experts will handle your situation with ease and get you home safe. Trust the team at Towson Tow Truck and see why so many in and around Towson, MD have trusted our accident recovery and towing services.

Heavy duty towing

Our heavy duty towing services focus on our big rigs and things that move other stuff for a living. We can respond and tow anything from charter buses to full 18-wheelers. From taking you back to the yard to providing a tow to an independent operator, our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks can handle your load!

Medium duty towing

Medium duty towing is one of our specialties, and our trucks cannot wait to help. Our medium duty trucks are designed to haul larger work trucks or cube vans and can be on the scene in mere minutes. If you are stuck at a site or need to get to the mechanic, our tow trucks are here for you!

Light duty towing

TheRosedale Towing flat bed bread and butter of our operation, light duty towing has always had a special place in our hearts. Our light duty towing service focuses on having a quick response time and getting you and the family back home. We can handle any consumer car, truck, SUV or van, and can provide you with a long list of trusted mechanics in the area.

Tire change service

If you are dealing with a flat or a fully blown tire, the team at Towson Tow Truck is here for you! We have been the local option for tire change services for years and can deliver top-notch service. We might not break any NASCAR pit records, but we will get your new tire on safely and efficiently.

Jump start service

Dealing with a dead battery is honestly the worst, and we cannot wait to help get you back on your way. Instead of asking a stranger for a jump, trust the experts at Towson Tow Truck to handle your jump. All of our trucks are equipped with a powerful battery jumper that will get you back on the road in a few minutes.

Gas delivery service

If you are starting to run on fumes, then it might be time to look up the number to Towson Tow Truck. We have been providing gas delivery service for years and are known for our honest prices. Skip the walk to the gas station and let one of our tow trucks fill you up and get you back on the road.

Accident recovery

Rosedale Towing snow womanAccidents are some of the trickiest situations we deal with, and we are here for you. All of our drivers have been thoroughly trained in the recovery and towing services and can get your vehicle back to the shop or body shop with ease. Let us worry about your car, and you can focus on healing up.

Lockout service

A lockout is simply the worst feeling in the world. Skip scratching your car with a bent clothes hanger and trust the experts at Towson Tow Truck to get you back in your vehicle. With our proven bladder method, we will get you back into your vehicle without so much as a scratch in just a few minutes!

If you are looking for quality roadside assistance or towing services in and around Towson, MD, then it is about time that you called the experts at Towson Tow Truck. With 24/7 emergency towing, roadside assistance services and one of the biggest fleets in the area, Towson Tow Truck is here for you!

Towson Tow Truck

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